2017 AWRA Wisconsin Section Meeting
The 2017 meeting of the Wisconsin Section of the American Water Resources Association will take place March 9 and 10 in Elkhart Lake. The theme is Wisconsin's One Water - Breaking Boundaries.

Catch a Podcast - Learn Something, Be Entertained
Our podcast collection is an easy way to learn a lot about groundwater and surface water, and the challenges related to and research on both. The "Undercurrents" series is also a recent winner of an international digital communication competition.

Read the Latest Issue of the Aquatic Sciences Chronicle
Volume 1, 2017 is now available and it explores a WRI-funded project related to groundwater contamination in Waukesha.

Revisit Past WRI Research
Last year, the University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute announced that researchers discovered strontium in the drinking water of people living in Brown and Outagamie counties near Green Bay, Wis.

Projects and Publications
Wisconsin's water facts A resource guide to aquaculture Water Library for Kids
Wisconsin's Water Library

Wisconsin Groundwater Research and Monitoring Competition

The Wisconsin Ground Water Coordinating Council announces the State of Wisconsin Joint Solicitation for project proposals to the Wisconsin Groundwater Research and Monitoring Program. Approximately $225,000 to $345,000 will be available for new projects for fiscal year 2018 (beginning July 1, 2017).

Proposals are due by 3 p.m. CDT on Tuesday, November 1, 2016. Complete instructions for proposal submission are now available on this site.



Water Resources Research
National Competitive Grants Program Announcement 2017

The U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the National Institutes for Water Resources requests proposals for matching grants to support research on the topic of improving and enhancing the nation's water supply, including (but not limited to) evaluation of innovative approaches to water treatment, infrastructure design, retrofitting, maintenance, management, and replacement; exploration and advancement of our understanding of changes in the quantity and quality of Wisconsin Groundwater Research and Monitoring Competition water resources in response to a changing climate, population shifts, and land use changes; development of methods for better estimation of water supply, both surface and groundwater, including estimation of the physical supply and of the economic supply of water; development and evaluation of processes and governance mechanisms for integrated surface/ground water management; and the evaluation and assessment of conservation practices. More details...

Wisconsin Water Resources Institute

The University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute (UW-WRI) promotes research, training and information dissemination to effectively confront water resources problems. It was formed in 1964 and is one of 54 such institutes at land grant universities in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam. The institutes are the primary link between water experts at the nation’s universities and those who manage and use water. Collectively, the programs are known as the Water Resources Research Institute Program, which is authorized by the Water Resources Research Act of 1984. The program is administered by the U.S. Geological Survey. The UW-WRI is housed in the Aquatic Sciences Center (ASC) of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. ASC also houses the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, which has a complementary mission of research, education and outreach related to water – the coastlines and estuaries of the Great Lakes.



ASC Publications Store

The ASC Publications Store features a collection of the most popular publications from the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant and Water Resources Institutes, including brochures, fact sheets and posters. Many are free.


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