The Water Resources Institute coordinates research programs which are applicable to the solution of present and emerging water resource problems.  In carrying out this mission, the Institute has developed a broadly-based research, training, information transfer, and public service program involving personnel from many academic disciplines in the University of Wisconsin System.

Projects in 2010
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View WR10R001: Development of a User-Friendly Interface for Predicting Climate Change Induced Changes in Evapotranspiration
View WR10R002: Response of Ice Cover, Water Level and Thermal Structure Climate Change in Wisconsin Lakes
View WR10R003: Groundwater Recharge Characteristics and Subsurface Nutrient Dynamics Under Alternate Biofuel Cropping Systems in Wisconsin
View WR10R004: Reducing Nitrate in Groundwater with Slow-Release Fertilizer
View WR10R005: Groundwater Nitrate Processing in Deep Stream Sediments
View WR10R006: Influence of Adsorbed Antibiotics on Water Quality and Soil Microbes
View WR10R007: Transport of Manure-Derived, Tetracycline Resistant Escherichia Coli in Unsaturated Soil


Partner Projects

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